Testing Lab is specialized for user oriented product testing and product development for

sports and wellness products. 


Our user-oriented product testing takes place in real operating conditions and in a real environment.

Products are tested on sporting people. Objective user experience ensures usability and a high quality of product. It means better products, new improvement ideas and satisfied end users.

We test

Sports technology

Sports equipment
Sports nutrition
Wellness products
Services and applications

Products that are already on the market
Products in their development phase


10 reasons to test 

1. Objective user experience

2. User feedback and opinion 

3. User ideas and needs

4. Verified product reliability and usability

5. Guaranteed product quality

6. Saved costs

7. Test results increase product credibility

8. Test results help sales and marketing 

9. 92% of consumers say that objective test results have an effect on buying decisions

10. Reliable and usable products get a Tested Testing Lab brand license


Testers sign a nondisclosure agreement before testing if needed.

Contact us and plan a test package that corresponds to your needs.



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