Sportyfeel sports nutrients 

Endurance and fitness center trainers put Lidl's Sportyfeel sports nutrients to a trial  

4-week effectivity test. 97% of testers recommend Sportyfeel products to their friends. The best features of Sportyfeel products are the good taste, functionality, the high amount of protein, efficient recovery, the instructions for use are easy to understand, the ready-made serving size and good value for money. Read more


Sportyfeel Professional products

Gym and endurance trainers tested Lidl's Sportyfeel Professional sports nutrients and raw bars during a 4-week effectivity test. 97 % of testers would recommend Professional products to friends. Professional products increase vitality and give extra power to training.



Gymba active board

Employees who do office work in front of a standing desk noticed the positive feeling and functionality of the Gymba active board. Some of the positive features of of the active board are that it improves posture, prevents becoming numb, decreases muscle pains and enables standing for a longer time.


New Life internet coaching service

1221 trainers interested in sports and well being tested coaching service that are found on the internet. 




Nero Runner massage stick

The Nero massage stick usability and quality were tested by top athletes and fitness enthusiasts in the Testing Lab. 100 % of testers would recommend the Nero Runner massage stick to their friends.




Omron Jog Style step counter

The step counter's accuracy in walking and running in different conditions was tested by testers of various heights.




Speedhero mobile speed radar

The speed radar's accuracy and functionality were tested over 15 different ball games. The results were compared to other accurate speed radar results. 



Unpublished tests

We test different products monthly in

the Testing Lab but the test results are meant only for the test customer, for example in the case of product development. This means that Testing Lab does not publish those test results.